Who doesn't love (a) 'Stylish Bump' - Meet Mrs Marty

Who doesn’t love (a) ‘Stylish Bump’…

Since falling pregnant, I’ve also fallen in love with the Instagram account and blog called ‘Stylish Bump‘. I’ve been chatting to its Australian founder, Adrienne Biscontin, Founder of Stylish Bump and a mum of 3.

Instagram plays a massive role in so many lifestyle areas with mums and expectant mums turning to the social media platform for advice, tips and suggestions on everything from taking care of your bump to stylish dressing through pregnancy, and beyond. I began my blog as form of comfort through pregnancy as I found it simply overwhelming to work my way though all the choices, information and advice available both online and offline.

Adrienne began the Stylish Bump project before blogs and social media played the role they do in our lives now. I was fortunate to pick her brain on everything from getting started with her business, to planning a nursery, taking the perfect bump selfie and the all important – babymoon!

If ever you could learn from the best – Adrienne would be on that for all things motherhood and carrying a stylish bump.

1. Stylish Bump is one of the most exciting concepts I’ve discovered during pregnancy – what inspired you to start SB? 

I started Stylish Bump on Instagram, my favorite social medium, during my pregnancy because I couldn’t find a page dedicated to what mamas to-be – including celebrities – wore when pregnant. I wanted a social media ‘magazine’ that would show me what people wore, where I could buy it, how I could copy the look, how to style my nursery and so on… I couldn’t find one, so I started one!

2. I come from a PR/Media background and my concern with launching a blog was time management – how do you balance your family, blog and social media, and career?

Well family comes first for me, and everything else has to fit in around it. It’s definitely a juggling act and some days you get it right, and some days you don’t. I feel like I’m always learning better ways to do things and manage my time, but being as organized as possible helps me do it all.

3. You mentioned that you had 3 kids in quick succession, and this is something a lot of couple’s debate. What advice do you have based on your experience in terms of planning a second, third child?

We had our second baby just 14 months after our first, and though it wasn’t exactly planned that way it has worked out great – they are so close and the best of friends now. Every baby is different though, and every family is different so take one baby at a time and see how you go. Plans change and a baby is the best way to realise that, you have to do what is right for you and your family.

4. You started SB in 2014, and Instagram has exploded in global markets since. What advice do you have for mums posting/sharing/getting involved with blogs like yours?

I started Stylish Bump because I wanted a page with pregnancy advice, fashion and tips and now there are hundreds of them! I love people getting involved with my page, sharing images and commenting, I try to read them all and ‘like’ all the images that Stylish Bump is tagged in. But there are hundreds every day, so it can get difficult. Instagram is like any other social medium: tag the source of the image and don’t be a troll!

5. Travel is always something that gets something interesting with kids. Where do you find most suited to your family for holidays and why?

At that moment while the girls are still little we holiday close to home and travel by car because we have so much to take – pram, portacot, high chair and so on. We love holidaying by the beach when we can.

6. What are your tips for flying with a baby; and with kids?

We have only flown once with all three girls and it was very hard work – SO much stuff to take! But they loved the novelty of the plane and I ensured I packed lots of snacks and their favourite toy each for the flight. My advice would be to try to time the flight (where you can) around their meal time and sleep so it doesn’t interfere too much with their routine. For babies under 6 months always feed them water or milk (or breastfeed) upon take off and landing so their ears don’t pop and cause them distress or pain.

7. What advice do you have for new mums in terms of nursery planning and wardrobe shopping? A mum of 3 would have three times as much experience and far more wisdom than us ‘shopping-happy’ first timers.

Nurseries have become big business since I had my first daughter 6 years ago! There are lots of things you probably want to buy but I suggest you invest in a decent cot and mattress (just as important as the cot), quality bed linen, a decent and comfortable chair and lots of storage. A big and comfortable rug is a great idea too, both for aesthetic and practical purposes.

In terms of maternity wear it’s really up the individual; what you like to wear, how your body responds to pregnancy and how comfortable you are as well as your lifestyle will determine how many maternity clothes you need. But I would suggest 3-4 quality maternity bras, lots of leggings for layering, a good pair of maternity jeans, maternity tanks you can also feed in and a maternity dress you feel gorgeous in and can wear anywhere.

‘Babymoon’s are so important for getting in the three R’s: relax, recharge and rejuvenate for the BIG changes ahead.’

8. As someone who has been quite fit and in-shape most of my life, I am already putting a lot of pressure on myself to stay as fit as possible during pregnancy, but also determined to get back into my ‘old shape’ as soon as I can. Can you offer any advice with this?

It’s more important to be healthy and active during pregnancy than it is to stay in shape. What you put into your body is going straight to your baby, so eat as healthy and fresh, organic produce as possible, and stay as active as possible to help you sleep better, increase blood flow, prepare for labor and recover from the birth.

9. From running such a great platform for so long – what’s your top tip for the best pregnancy selfie?

Ha! I was rubbish at taking selfies so I’m not the best person to ask, but I’ve seen hundreds of them done so well. I love the photos that show a smiling, happy and healthy mama to-be. Fashionable and stylish outfits look great, but sometimes a mama just standing in her nightie by the window is just as gorgeous! Apart from trying to be ‘insta-famous’ though, I would tell all mamas to-be to take lots of photos of their bump just for yourself, because before you know it your baby will be here and you’ll miss it and want to remember it.

10. I know my girlfriends and I spend a fair bit of time educating our partners on why a babymoon is so important – in a nutshell what you say to help us win that man-argument?

YES! SO important. I’ve just written a blog on this actually and talk about getting away with your partner for one last time to reconnect, spend quality time together, get the all-important Vitamin D from the sun, eat healthy and delicious food and the three Rs – relax, recharge and rejuvenate for the BIG changes ahead.

‘It’s more important to be healthy and active during pregnancy than it is to stay in shape.’

I’m so grateful to Adrienne for taking the time to share her thoughts on so many mummy-related topics above. I’m a huge fan of the page! If you haven’t visited the page or blog, you definitely should! It’s a wealth of inspiration, ideas and shopping tips, and will also connect you to a wider network of chic mums around the world.

Happy browsing!