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Pre-bub Yoga

Prenatal Yoga has really helped me with relaxing after busy works weeks, and reaching those tense spots with deep stretching.

I chatted to my instructor for some useful info on the practice and how it can help with pregnancy

 Yoga tights: Ohsosum (@ohsosomdxb) Yoga tights: Ohsosum (@ohsosomdxb)

Yoga was always something of interest to me, but I began regular practice when I fell pregnant to help me with breathing and stretching. It was another of the physical activities I took up to manage my back ache during this time, and one I have grown to enjoy.

Would I say I’m a converted yogee? Probably not. My personality and over-thinking mind prevents me from connecting on that deeper level with my body, however, I do think it is something I will incorporate into my fitness plan on a monthly or bi-monthly basis post baby.

Breathing exercises and meditation practices are also very helpful in in preventing postpartum depression

When searching for a studio for prenatal yoga I wasn’t sure what I should be looking for. Proximity to my apartment ultimately made the decision on the first class, and fortunately for me – it was a winner. The Saturday morning, prenatal yoga class at Exhale in JBR was taught by an experienced instructor and mum, Dina Kassir. During my first lesson, Dina recognized me from a previous TV interview we had done together – and I immediately remembered how impressive her training and experience level is. Dina’s classes are not light and fluffy – which was a huge benefit for me. During the hour of her class, the practice ranged from light and comfortable warm ups, to deep and challenging stretches that got right into those tight areas. Her teaching style is easy to follow for a beginner, and with every position she offers a range of intensity levels for women at various points of fitness, pregnancy and experience with yoga practice.

Dina’s years of experience are glaring when in one of her classes, and I asked this yogee pro a few questions on yoga the prenatal way.

1.   What are the benefits of doing yoga during/after pregnancy?

The body of a pregnant woman goes through an accelerated pace of change and needs help adjusting and compensating. Prenatal yoga is a great way to support these changes by offering women some healthy and safe poses that tone and strengthens the entire body but especially the pelvic floor ,hips and abdominal core muscles in preparation for the birthing process.

After giving birth, new mums need a lot of energy to handle the demands of their new born ones which result sometimes in pain in the shoulders, neck and back.  Postnatal yoga can make this new chapter an easy one by offering poses to tone, and strengthen the whole body but specifically the abdominal and back muscles in order to reduce the pain and to regain the pre-pregnancy shape .

Breathing exercises and meditation practices are also very helpful in in preventing postpartum depression

2.   Are there different exercises/positions or things to look out for in different trimesters?

All prenatal yoga poses are usually safe to practice throughout pregnancy ( with the OK from the doctor), but the practice itself could feel different in each trimester ; for example downward facing dog might cause nausea in the first trimester because of the inversion ,but feels great in the second trimester ; during the third trimester, the body becomes heavier so a lot of women find it hard to hold the pose.

3.   What advice would you give to mums weary of yoga during pregnancy?

While yoga is one healthy and safe practice, swimming and walking offer some great benefits and could to make this journey a healthy and smooth one .

4.   Best exercises to relieve back pain

Back pain is something almost every woman experiences during pregnancy , here are some poses that help lengthen and massage the back muscles:

•    Cat / Cow

•   Seated side stretch

•   Child pose

•   Pigeon pose

•   Extended side angle pose

5.   Any additional advice or tips?

5.   Any additional advice or tips?

Every pregnancy is different , always listen to your body. Drink lots of water, take your vitamins and enjoy this miraculous and unique journey


Dina teaches at a variety of studios in Dubai and her schedule can be found on her social media pages. If you have any questions for me or Dina, please do reach out or drop us a message on Instagram.

Dina’s email address is:

Tell me what’s been working for you through your pregnancy? I’m still not there and always eager to know what works for everyone – particularly when it comes to back pain!



Credits / Photography: Claire Stafford

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