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Shop with a personal touch!

The Mamas and Papas Personal Shopper service makes getting ready for baby’s arrival as easy as pie!

As a new parent-to-be, you don’t really understand how vast and overwhelming the world of baby items is, until you’re faced with all the decisions of what to get and when. We started early, with lists and advice a plenty from friends and family, we added bits and pieces along the way. But, no matter how prepared we thought we were, at 32 weeks to go we still had a list that was fairly long with many decisions ahead.

At the stage of still needing to pack hospital bags for baby and I, needing a car seat and travel stroller, and still having holes in my shopping lists, I turned to the trusted baby store, Mamas and Papas, and tried out their personal shopping service. With so many preparations before baby’s arrival, coupled with the fatique, heat and weight of the third trimester, I figured having an end to end service would be the ideal solution. I popped into The Dubai Mall store after making an appointment, and spent some time with their personal shopper, Widaad, who was not only well informed on her brands, but offered a good supply of information and advice on all things baby – which made moving through my shopping list an absolute pleasure.

They offer four key personal shopper packages to suit the stage you’re at with your preparations or help you get your baby registry ready:

1. The Full Works – This gives first-time parents a complete overview of all the essentials needed

2. Baby Home – Inspiration for nursery design, advice on baby’s first bed and other home essentials

3. Baby Out and About – All the help you need for your journeys with baby; carriers, push chairs and more

4. The Safe Seat – Getting all the right advice on the perfect car seat including fitting and demonstrations on various usage options

Since I had done a few bits already, I picked out a few elements from each package, and wanted to learn more about the strollers, car seat and some baby essentials for baby’s birth.

I chatted to Widaad along our shopping experience to ask questions relevant to my visit, and general ‘good to know’ info for mums considering using the service.

Booking your appointment can be done through any of the stores offering the service – The Dubai Mall and Al Wahda, alongside the offering in the Mirdif store.

The service is also very useful for anyone with their baby shower coming up – the personal shopper will help you curate your registry and help your friends and family get you exactly what you need and want.

To book call Mamas and Papas on 800 88822 or visit the website

There’s a lot of choice out there, and everyone you ask will likely offer different advice on everything from hand mittens to car seat brands. Having a shopping session with a baby specialist helps you to prioritize your needs, and work out budgets. It’s also a great way to take the strain off getting yourself baby ready. I found the nursery and linen section a particular favorite with the colors and collections truly unique.

I do recommend reaching out to the team. Their approach is very casual, and you don’t have the pressure to buy or commit during your visit – that was a big plus for me!

Happy Shopping!