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All Made Up!

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How I first met Angelique Turner is almost a blur. She owns that place in my heart that feels like I have known her my whole life. She is the voice of reason, tells you the things you need to hear but may not want to, and an opinion you can always rely on. It’s just a cherry on the top that Ange happens to be a kick-ass hair and makeup artist – and one of the few people I’d trust to put a face on me even in the dark.

I turned up to a TV shoot about two years ago expecting to be met with the usual makeup lady, armed with my phone and several conversations and emails to get on with while being made screen ready. Instead, I was met with a vibrant Aussie chic, and we hit it off immediately. I was a few months off from my wedding, and still looking for someone to do hair and makeup for my bridal party. It took one face of makeup to see that Ange had the magical touch – she understood my yellow-tinged bronzy complexion and instead of jumping in the car and attempting to wipe down the layers applied (as I normally would) I loved my makeup – and wiggled around town with it on all day. In this region that rarely happens for me. I’m not a heavy makeup wearer, and Ange’s application and hair styling was just spot on.

Needless to say my wedding was locked in, and every special occasion since.

It’s no secret that a blushing bride is far from a pregnant woman. There are days during the 3 trimesters when you feel great and fresh, and others when you feel bloated and blotchy. And, sometimes pregnancy brings with it those not so amazing symptoms like pigmentation/redness/spots.

I found that early into my second trimester I started having light pigmentation on my cheeks. Naturally, my first message after Andrew was to Ange – flagging the need to do some rescue/saving/covering – Panic! After some research and Ange’s talking to, I accepted that there wasn’t anything that could be done during pregnancy, and that it may be a battle for a later date. Most of my pregnancy was business as usual for me with work and events on the go, and me needing and wanting to look and feel my best. With the help of my one-woman glam squad that happened. Through puffy faces, dark circles and other fun preggy face features, Ange was there, armed with her tools and talent ready to make me feel like a pregnant princess.

I want to share some of Ange’s magic with you, so we played dress up and talked you through her tips and tricks of the trade. Watch our fun below:

Here’s where you get your notepads out –¬†Ange opened up her Little Black Book of Secrets and shared some with all of us on products, techniques and more…

1. General tips on makeup application – from lighting to skin prep, to lashes?

AT: Blending is a pro trick but it’s the one thing every woman should learn. Get yourself a Beauty Blender and some good powder brushes and blend your makeup properly. It’s what will take your makeup to the next level.

Always do your makeup in direct lighting (no over head lighting as it creates shadows). There are lots of well priced lights on the market (even IKEA has beauty room lights) and it’s worth the investment. Good lighting will save you from any makeup mishaps.

Invest in a good setting spray to keep your makeup on all day. Urban Decay have two great ones that cater for normal and oily skin. Not for daily use but definitely for special occasions.

2. What are the tricks to hiding symptoms of pregnancy – pigmentation, fuller face etc?

AT: Pigmentation is often a major issue for pregnant women and is often on the face. Use an orange based corrector underneath concealer and foundation first on the pigmented area to neutralise the dark tone.

Learning to contour is the only way to slim down a face. I give makeup lessons so you can learn from a professional on how to contour, otherwise there are a million videos online but the only issue is (besides some of them being just plain scary) is that they may not have the same face shape as you and you need to know how to contour for your face.

3. Your must-have items in a makeup bag?

AT: My makeup must haves are:

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil – manicured brows are an essential. I’ve tried so many pencils but this one is always a winner and so good for precision.

Tweezerman Tweezers – good tweezers should be in every makeup bag.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre – its a backstage staple for every pro artist and is the most amazing face saver for tired skin needing an instant boost. If you have very oily skin perhaps only use as a night cream.

4. Concealing tired eyes (T3 and post pregnancy )?

AT: I actually have an amazing trick for tired eyes. Besides using that orange based corrector I mentioned for pigmentation on the under eye circles, I also am a huge fan of Naphcon eyedrops. You can buy them at any pharmacy and they instantly make your eyes so white. Clear, white eyes always gives you a fresh, well rested look. No makeup required.

‘Blending is a pro trick but it’s the one thing every woman should learn’ – Angelique Turner

5. Tricks to contouring – what products work best?

AT: Kat Von D’s Shade and Light contouring palette is really easy to use and has different tones (which is great if you tend to tan in summer and less so in the winter). This a powder based palette. If you prefer a cream contour the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette is pretty cool as it not only has contour and highlight, it also has a really pretty cream blush.

8. Your 3 splurge products?

AT: I always splurge on foundation and skincare. My top 3 pricey products are:

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Chanel Lait Confort cleanser

Guerlain Beauty Booster Foundation

7. Tips to lash application?

AT: Honestly the easiest way to have amazing lashes is lash extensions. They will make you feel pretty all the time! But if you aren’t into them then I would suggest using Ardell lashes (they are natural looking and good to learn with), making sure you cut them to fit your eye size and use a really good glue! Never the one that comes with the lashes. Duo glue (which you can get at MAC) is amazing.

8. How to keep skin healthy – tips on makeup removal/hydration/skin protection?

AT: I personally dislike makeup remover wipes. Yes they are great if you are lazy and want a quick fix but I find most are overly perfumed and abrasive. Instead try a micellar water like Bioderma with cotton pads.

If you have sensitive skin try using a facial spray as opposed to a toner, which can also be very harsh on your skin. My favourites are Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Kiehls Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist and Mario Badescu Facial Spray. It’s like a day spa in a bottle. So nice when you feel hot and bothered too. I like to keep mine in the fridge and you can spray under or over makeup.

10. Thoughts to leave us with?

AT: Always use sunscreen. It’s life 101 and people forget it!! Bioderma have an SPF100 and Uriage have a great 50+. Use it if you want to minimise pigmentation and not look like an old leather bag.

Angelique travels abroad often for weddings and special events and draws inspiration from local and international markets. You can find her by visiting her website, or via Instagram on @angeliqueturner.

Please feel free to send through any questions on makeup and/or pregnancy challenges when it comes to beauty in the comments below and Ange will reply.

I hope whether you’re pregnant or not, that Angelique’s pro tips have added some value to your makeup routine.

Happy Glowing!





Wedding Images: Brett Florens

Video: Footage by Enchante / Edits by Andre Van Heerden