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Eating my way through my (almost) 9 months of pregnancy was nothing that I expected it to be. Nothing that I was told about cravings, strange textures and late night demands did not feature for me at all. I did have patterns different to my normal eating, but on the whole it was quite a fun eating adventure. So, while I didn’t eat chalk, or send Andrew out in the middle of the night for sweet tooth needs, I went through certain phases of feeling more inclined to certain foods for others and here’s what they were…

First Trimester – The hungry monster

Along with loads of extra sleep hours, I certainly had an increased appetite. I ate a lot of takeout (Thank you, Deliveroo), and my palette was more inclined to savory over sweet. Whether the myth boys giving you more of a savory feel then sweet is true or not, I’m not sure, my sweet tooth didn’t suddenly become a savory one I simply added loads more savory to the menu. I’ve always made sure there was a steady supply of chocolate in the fridge. The most important part of it all is doing exercise – I could not stress more on how important keeping active and healthy is. Always run anything past your Doctor, but where possible balance anything you’re taking in with keeping healthy and active – it’s good for you and great for baby.

Second Trimester – Domestic Goddess (Well, kinda!)

I’ve always been an average cook at best for most of my teen-adult years. Fortunately, my husband is really easy going and most nights the healthy eating plan makes my cooking needs really simple, but during the second trimester, once we settled into our new home I went on a big cooking and even baking train. I started experimenting with dishes from books I’d been given and bought and one of my absolute favorites was aptly called ‘Easy’ by Donna Hay. I would comfortably say that if you only buy one book – this should be it!

I made loads of the lunch and dinner meals and the found the baking quite easy to follow along too. Here are my top 4 recipes from the book:

My granny’s scone recipe is a fool-proof one and makes the most delicious, soft and fluffy scones to be enjoyed with jam, cheese, cream or all of them together. She also sent me regular loads of homemade custard biscuits… no one’s food tastes as good as a grandmother’s!

Third Trimester – Naughty Spice

My appetite regulated in the last trimester but I did slow down on exercise towards the end. I tried to stay conscious of what I ate, and added in salads and regular meals to try and bring my eating plan into some kind of ‘normal’ range. (There were definitely cheats… a few McDonald’s, some Snack bars…). My housekeeper introduced me to a few delicious Sri Lankan dishes that I fell in love with. On weekends or late start days she would make me a milk rice breakfast dish called Kiribath – milk rice served with a spicy onion side (Onion, chili mix). Another HUGE favorite for lunch or dinner was a potato curry made with coconut milk and served with chicken or spicy shrimps. She would whip these up in no time and I grew to ask for it almost once a week.

Breakfast: Cereal followed by Avo on toast with a glass of juice and water

Lunch: Depends on where I am with work – either a salad or a pasta on the go with work

Dinner: I had to eat early as I suffered with a lot of reflux in the last few months. Dinner ranged from a salad, to chicken and roasted veg, to naughty Nando’s on some nights.

Snack time: Cadbury Finger biscuits, sliced mango, sliced oranges, mandarines, drinking yoghurt

Tell me about your food journey through pregnancy in the comments below. I love hearing all the different tastes and flavors that my friends craved, and might even find some interesting recipes to try while I have time to get cooking while we wait for Baby M to arrive.

I hope the piece above answers the questions so many of you sent me on my pretty diet. If you would like to know anything else, simply ask away!



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