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During the 9 months of pregnancy I rediscovered my absolute love for bath soaks. Partly due to  needing a form of relief from itchy skin initially, then back pain, but I found some yummy ways to rest up and recover.

Milk Baths

Whether you share the image of the old classic dynasties or visions of Cleopatra surrounded by her maids, there’s something regal and luxurious about a simple milk bath. I tried a simple recipe for a milk bath after I found my skin becoming really itchy and apart from the topical applications, I wanted something to rest and soothe it with after a long day.

A Simple Scented Milk Bath

Ingredients & Method:

Mix all your dry ingredients together well, then add in the oil and give it a good mix followed by a firm shake. Ideally, leave to stand for 24 hours before use for all the ingredients to mix in together.

Fizzy Bath Balls

Another fun way to unwind in a tub is by using bath fizz balls or bath bombs as they are sometimes called. LUSH is my go to brand for these in Dubai, but there are wonderful handmade, homemade options in stores around the world. I’m a serial collector of fun bath accessories and yummy smelling things for the skin and bath. When we were younger those dissolving oil balls were all the rage! My brother and I would save up for Mother’s Day gifts to get mum those hampers, partly because we loved popping and melting them in the bath.

Fast forward 20 odd years and nothing much has changed. Putting something fizzy, silky and yummy smelling still excites me just as much!

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Choosing your bath ball flavor is really fun! They come in unique colors and shapes too so you could even make it a decor feature in your bathroom if put into glass or transparent jars.

 Image: Lush Cosmetics Image: Lush Cosmetics

Probably a less luxurious (or at least at first) type of soaking for the body post birth that I’ve been advised on is a salt soak – taking luke warm water in a dish with salt crystals to aid healing post birth. Whether for soothing, healing or relaxation there are many ways to rejuvenate in the comfort of your home bath tub. Keep water temperatures in mind and always be mindful of what you’re putting in the water, as well as how slippery (in the case of oils) it will make your surfaces.

Bath soaks are in an inexpensive, hugely relieving (in the case of pain) and enjoyable way to spend an evening. It can be a solo experience with a bit of music, a good book or good magazine or shared with your partner as a bit on bonding time. You can also extend it to include a scrub before, and I’d also work on negotiating a massage after:)

Do you have any bath tub recipes, good scrubs or fun oils/mixes to make soaking in a tub delicious? Let me know in the comments below.




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