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Newborn Noah

Growing up I was always a huge fan of Anne Geddes and her unique style and creativity. I’d have books and files covered in cute little faces photographed in sunflowers, eggs and all sorts of ridiculously sweet images.

Fast forward many years and when Noah was still in my belly we decided to give this newborn shoot style a go. Knowing how fast they grow, we wanted to capture that super-sweet stage as a memory to last a lifetime.

I looked at a few photographers before he was born, but in all honestly between work and prep for bub’s arrival, I lost track and hadn’t pinned anything concrete down. Once with us, I jumped on Instagram to look for someone locally, who wasn’t off sunbathing on a Greek Island – as so many of Dubai’s community is at this time.

There was a combination of gut and style that I used to make my decision. I spoke to a few different photographers and went with the look and feel, as well as the interaction with photographer.

Prior to the day of his shoot he pretty much slept all day, everyday. The day mummy and daddy needed a sleeping beauty, he was bright eyes and bushy tailed – making wee’s and poo’s on the hour for a bit. Our booking was for 11am but with Noah’s activity that day, we only got started at 12:30pm. We were there until 5pm.

It is important that you book someone you are very comfortable with and also where possible try to shoot at home if you can – it’s a comfy and convenient space for you and baby. We ended going to the photographer’s location but since they worked from home, it was a warm and welcoming environment.

Once Noah fell into his proper sleep work began, and despite the shuffling and dressing, he was pretty rag doll like while we worked around him. I stayed close doing nappy changes, adjusting his position and keeping him warm and cuddled between shots. You must work with someone who knows what they are doing, as handling a newborn coupled with getting them into the various poses they need to be, in takes time and extreme care. Noah woke a few times during the shots, so I took the time to settle, feed and change him and put him back to sleep. It all takes time, and your little one needs to lead the day as they need to be most important!

The husband and wife team from Emotions Studios were very patient and we felt comfortable with their style and work ethic. The pair have also taken plenty of training courses abroad to keep up with international trends in newborn photography, and they managed the shoot seamlessly and around Noah’s sleep, feeding and diaper change patterns.

I asked Mahvin from Emotions Studios for a few tips for parents looking into booking a newborn shoot:
1) When is the best time for this shoot to happen?
The best time to take newborn photos is within the first 2 weeks preferably between 5-10 days of baby’s life. When babies are that tiny they are flexible and spend lots of time sleeping, therefore it is easy to place them in beautiful poses.

2) What preparation needs to be done by the parents for the shoot?
We advise parents to arrive just before a feed, and to then feed the baby and change the diaper in the studio. This way when baby goes down for their morning sleep which is normally a deep sleep, we can start shooting.

3) What should parents packs for the shoot?
We advise the parents to bring some extra diapers, wipes, changing mat, extra formula and bottles if mum isn’t breastfeeding. Some other things to bring are pacifiers, and a change of clothes for yourself (if you are going to be on the photo holding a naked baby you might get pooped on). It’s also good to have a lightweight blanket to wrap baby in between shoots, and perhaps a swaddle to help put baby off to sleep.

5) What planning needs to happen before the shoot day?
Mums should book their photography session while they are still pregnant, at 3-4 months in advance to assure a valid slot for the photo session. We then maintain flexibility based on baby’s arrival but know that a slot is allocated for the shoot.

We were so happy with Noah’s photo’s. While I could have photographed him all day (and usually do anyway), it is great to have these extra special ones to remember his sweet little being that early in his life.

Have you done a newborn shoot? Do you have any funny stories about poop or pee during it? Let me know if the comments below.



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