Malaak: The Halo Team - Meet Mrs Marty

Malaak: The Halo Team

Malaak Mama and Baby Care could not have selected a better logo. The halo worn on their uniform accurately reflects the ‘heaven sent’ nature of their service – complete with the most amazing care givers and exceptional service.

I started with the service to allow me an extra set of hands during the day. I can work alongside them during the day, take them with me on projects, shoots or meetings or feel secure with their level of care if left alone with Noah at home. What really stands out for me about their care are the added extra’s – the knowledge on emergency care and first aid, but also the stimulation and active play they receive from the childcare professionals. For mums getting back to work, it also is peace of mind that while you’re out, your baby is being encouraged to establish or achieve positive feeding and sleeping routines (or maintaining the one you have set) through dedicated and knowledgable support structures.

The sleep support program is another important and key aspect of the service, and something I’ll be doing with Noah soon. Stay tuned for the video and tips on how you can work with your bub.

Established in 2013, Malaak Mama & Baby Care is the first professional babysitting agency in the UAE, created with the purpose of supporting families in the UAE. With the support from Malaak’s Baby Center, a one-stop shop for all pre and postnatal support services for mother and child, your journey into parenthood will be off to the perfect start! Malaak provides a wide range of support to pregnant women and new parents ranging from prenatal classes, hypno-birthing workshops, along with postnatal education on feeding and routines, positive sleep guidance, and breastfeeding consultations by a dedicated team of midwives, health educators, professional childcare and babysitters passionately supporting families in the UAE. Our goal at Malaak, is to offer guidance for your family whilst building your confidence on your parenting journey.

Hear it from a dad’s perspective:

Having Malaak to help with Noah has not only given us both peace of mind with Zah going back to work, but also gives Zah time to get her work done, day to day things ticked off without feeling overwhelmed. I’ve often come home to see Noah out in the garden with or childcare professional, reading books or playing in a very constructive way. Like most dad’s I’m very budget conscious and I really believe the service to offer great value for money.

Malaak also provides a number of exciting classes for you and your little ones including baby massage, Kindermusik and many more, offering you a great chance to meet and share your experiences with other new parents in a warm, fun and comfortable environment.

With Noah breastfeeding, I have been quite slack with the sleep training but once he’s off the boobies I’ll be doing the sleep support program with Malaak, to get him settled into his own room and give mummy and daddy a better night’s sleep (we hope!).

For more information related to prenatal classes, hypno-birthing workshops, post-natal feeding & routines, positive sleep guidance along with breastfeeding consultations and Malaak’s Professional Childcare Services on hand for short or long term bookings, get in touch with the team. I’ve only had the best experiences and the team are knowledgable on so many areas that are helpful to new mums.

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