The Unparalleled Audi Q5 - Meet Mrs Marty

The Unparalleled Audi Q5

During our Festive break in Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to drive the new Audi Q5 – the 2018 updated model of the car I currently drive. I was genuinely impressed by the modifications on the new design – with very noticeable improvements to the look and feel and most of all, the space!

Check it out!

As a new mum, safety and comfort are most important but I still want a car that reflects who I am – urban, fun loving and a working professional. The Q5 is all that and more, and the added room for baby goodies, my mobile wardrobe and work (event) gear is just perfect!

What do you look for in the car you drive?

As always, I’d love to hear from you!



Video: Andrew Marty