Bath time!

Noah is a water baby! He loves swimming, bathing and showering and we couldn’t be happier as we are the same.

Bath time is such an important time and a great opportunity to bond with your little one – with and without dad. Noah cried all the way through his first bath in hospital, but the water temp was pretty cool and I think he’s like he’s mumma – prefers warm and snuggly water temp for baths/showers. Every bath or shower time since has been a pleasure and he laughs and gurgles all the way through.

His first shower was unplanned came out of absolute necessity. We were away on a family vacay in Metung, Australia. It was September, and very chilly – that kind of hot shower and straight into bed kind of cold. I had set up my ‘change station’ (my name for the area I set up for nappy/clothing changes) near the couches in the lounge… close enough to get the cosy warmth of the fire.

I got Noah undressed, and hot towel wiped from the head down. It was time to remove the nappy, wipe the boy bits, and get him fresh for his sleep. (I’m a morning bath kind of person). As I wiped and did my thing, he wee’d. I strong, full spray that strangely went up and right into his little face. For a few seconds I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The poor little guy wasn’t really sure what was going on either and had his little peepers blinking feverishly turning his head left and right to avoid his own fountain. I couldn’t ‘wipe’ that up. I wrapped him in the change mat he was in, turned on the shower and jumped in. Andrew passed him to me, and he clung to me like anything!

The cascading water down his back must have felt fab to him, because he loosened his grip and really started enjoying the experience. His head went in and out of the water as I reached for his soap, and he was ok. I took advantage of this new found experience and took him in as often as possible – getting him used to the sensation and getting his head wet. While traveling this became a huge help – we didn’t have to worry about sink baths – either of us would take him into the shower and he was more than happy to be in.

That was at about 3 months old, and Noah is now going on 8 months. I take him into the shower with me and although wriggly, we do enjoy our showers. It is tough to get yourself cleaned when you’re alone with bub, but I love the bonding time. Noah loves getting his head in and out of the shower, watching his hands under the water, and drawing with his fingers on the steamed up sides of the shower. He thinks it’s hilarious when our cat, Evie, is on the other side and he can wipe off steam to see her.

Bath time is just as fun. As soon as my stitches from birth were healed, I started taking baths with Noah and again he loved it! When we bath I put on Disney songs and we sing along.

Sharing these moments with Noah is really fun, and special. I sometimes have chaotic days, and feel terrible leaving him from really early in the morning, but come home and we take a bath/shower together and he loves it! It is a bit tough to give yourself a good clean holding bub in the bath or shower so the best bet if you’re needing to do so is to have someone pass bub in once you’re all squeaky clean. I have managed a one handed self washing style but I don’t practice that after a really grubby day 🙂

There are a few things to take into consideration when getting the bubbles floating or the shower going.

  1. Make sure you’re confident with bub – we’re all pretty nervous with the very young ones, so wait until you build up your confidence with them before getting into water with them.
  2. They can be super wriggly, and worse with soap on so always have a firm hold and solid footing.
  3. Prepare your change station and his towel ready for when you get out – I have Noah’s towel ready on a mat and lay him in it after we get out of the water. I then wrap him when we get out, and that gives me time to quickly dry myself off and then get him changed. Having a robe is handy too to throw over and gives you coverage to get bub sorted and dressed, without being a dripping bod around the place.
  4. If your baby products are in a bottle consider how you would get it out with one hand. Noah has a push down top on his so it’s easy to get some out and wash him with one hand holding him in place.
  5. Be mindful of water temperatures… not too hot if you’re used to hot showers/baths. Noah baths in water temperatures slightly warmer than the average recommended temp, but he loves it.

Do you have any tips to share with me about bath time? Or favorite toys? Noah is into having distractions for bath and change time to avoid him trying to escape me.

Happy bubbles and bathing!



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