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While in Melbourne I caught up with Sam Wood – TV personality from The Bachelor Australia and fitness pro behind the ’28 by Sam Wood’ program; a complete training, nutrition and wellbeing program.

Seven exercises in four rounds, and 28 minutes a day is all you need for the workout that can be done anywhere, at anytime. Users of the program also receive daily emails, easy to follow recipes and access to an interactive community on Facebook. Sam updates these platforms daily, and has an open dialogue with program users.

Quick fire questions:

1. What is the 1 piece of advice for new mums on the road back to fitness?
When and how you return to exercise should be entirely driven by you so take it slow and only return when you are ready. Never underestimate the amazing changes your body has been through.

2. If you have to ‘cheat’ on the weekends, what are good go to options? (Eg: Frozen yoghurt over double cream; burger over pizza etc.)
I don’t like the term ‘cheat’ as I believe this can lead to negative feelings of guilt that can be detrimental in the long term.

If you’re going to eat out or order in, remember there are always healthier choices than others. Just because it’s not necessarily the healthiest choice doesn’t mean it can’t be a better option.
Go for something with fresh, high quality ingredients.

3. Any advice/thoughts on couples training together?
I definitely think a training buddy can be a great idea. It isn’t always easy to workout at your max intensity when training alone. If you know you could take your workout to the next level training with your partner then yes it can be a great option. However, if you spend more time chatting than sweating you might need to rethink your training buddy!

4. What is your favorite healthy meal for two? (One that you both enjoy making and eating)
Snez is a great cook and loves to cook her Macedonian Stuffed Peppers which have even made their way onto the 28 meal plan. They’re amazing! Otherwise you really can’t go wrong with a BBQ & Salad.

5. What is your favorite romantic destination?

Tasmania- it’s where I grew up and where I asked Snez to marry me.

Sign up for the ’28 by Sam Wood’ program by CLICKING HERE.

Also, grab a copy or download the March issue of Women’s Health Magazine for more on couple training and Sam’s program!

Let me know how you get on and be sure to make use of all the channels.



My fitness gear: Clothing Lorna Jane Middle East / Sneakers: Nike

Video & Imagery: Andrew Marty

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