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Welcome to my happy space - a piece of me, shared with you along my adventures in life. This blog is aimed to inspire, motivate and educate anyone who feels they may relate to me and my life. Whether it is another mum (first time or not), a small business owner, or a woman of interests in travel, fashion, food and fun - I hope there is something for you here.

Zahirah Marty

A Little Bit About Me

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a very long time. I own a boutique PR and brand building agency in Dubai called Think Liquorice, and until falling pregnant, also worked in television and media. I'm married to an Australian vet, and in July 2017 gave birth to our son, Noah. We are a couple who travel a lot and love it! Being based in Dubai allows us the opportunity to visit so many places, and we love being part of such a cosmopolitan city. I am a passionate South African, a lover of life and all the opportunities it sends my way. I have found the journey through pregnancy and into motherhood to be amazing - not easy - but so rewarding! My son is a beautiful natured little human, and I just marvel at how he grows leaps and bounds every day. I run a small PR company in Dubai that deals with lifestyle and hospitality brands, a few international personalities and very special events. I started the company in 2012 in Dubai, and although challenging, I love what I do! Working with people is a blessing and a curse, but the lessons and experiences I have enjoyed through my job I wouldn't give back for the world. Since becoming a parent, I do struggle with the juggle - PR is a very demanding industry and Dubai is a busy city - but I believe in balance and I do my best to achieve it.

Zahirah Marty Think Liqourice - Meet Mrs Marty
Zahirah and Baby Noah - Meet Mrs Marty

Some Fun Questions and Answers I Get Asked:

1. Favorite city?

Too many; New York to travel to, Cape Town as my birth country and the most beautiful place on earth, and Dubai as my home away from home. (Japan's cities and Bora Bora should really be in there too!)

2. Must have beauty item/treatment?


3. One thing people didn't know about me?

I wanted to be a marine.

4. What do I miss most about South Africa?

The people and cultural mix... and how full of kak we all are.

5. One thing about Dubai people need to know?

It is so rich in history and culture, you need to see it!

I love chatting, helping you out with questions or answering any questions so drop me a line on or message me on Instagram.