The Unparalleled Audi Q5

During our Festive break in Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to drive the new Audi Q5 - the 2018 updated model of the car I currently drive. I was genuinely impressed by the modifications on the new design - with very noticeable improvements to the look and feel and most of all, the space!

Check it out!


Clifton Ezulwini

Cape Town, South Africa 2018 Noah had his first South African Summer this year, and we spent it in beautiful…

Traveling with a tot

Traveling becomes a completely different experience when a little human is one of the family.

From passport applications to making sure you’re super organized, well packed and prepared, here’s what I learnt from my  first few experiences from flying abroad with Noah.


A Driving Pleasure

I’ve driven an Audi Q5 for two years and I love my car. So when the team at Audi Middle East asked me to join them for a 2 day press trip for the launch of the new Q5 and SQ5, I jumped at the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new generation.


Safely Seated

Safety while driving is always a huge concern for any parent, particularly a new one. Buckling up is something not…

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