Girls, giggles and gorgeous food! My birthday in 2019

This year, every celebration, milestone or special holiday looked extremely different.

Showing love was staying away, and we got to know what our family and friends were getting up to via a lengthy line of alphabets and numbers that we shared for a Zoom. I think for so many of us, this year has taught us many lessons about life. relationships, tolerance… but most importantly about not taking anything for granted.

My birthday is just under two weeks away, and since the blog was inactive for so long, I’m grateful for it coming back to life at a time like this when photos and videos can remind us of all the memories we’ve been fortunate to create over time.

I celebrated turning 32 with friends and family. I didn’t really feel like I could say that I was ‘in my thirties’ until that age… to me I was still in denial at 30-31.

But with friends like mine, incredible brands that I worked with at the time, and even more fabulous people behind them – we spent a girly night in Chef’s Palette at Fairmont The Palm, cooking up a storm. (Well, storm is very carefully applied here…)

The concept works in 4 stations that can take up to 3 people. The Chef’s prep all the ingredients and demonstrate how to make each at the front, after which guests follow and recreate their dishes. HUGE laughs are had with varying kitchen skills, competitive guests, and the characters that make the night memorable.

Menu for the night:

Burrata (Of course! If you know anything about me know this: I LOVE BURRATA)

Charred Peaches ▪ Walnuts ▪ Basil

Taleggio Scarpinocc

Butter Poached Crab Legs ▪ Caramelized Endive ▪ Balsamic Reduction

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Sponge ▪ Salted Caramel ▪ Liquid Nitrogen Meringue

We had times with Kyle heading up the kitchen, and certainly didn’t make his life very easy!

Surprise birthday cake in true Fairmont style! Kyle and his team were always amazing to work with and alongside, and with all the laughter and great food, it was a night well spent.

Watch the video of all our fun!

This year certainly will be different – quieter and less eventful. But turning old is never something I shy away from… with every year that passes I learn new things, meet new people and have the opportunity to work a little more on developing myself.

Here’s to 33!



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