Le Labo: Love affair for the senses

Events were always a big part of my work portfolio. From initially organizing them in roles I undertook, to the owning an agency and hosting them from concept to clean up (often), I loved how it challenged my creativity.

There is little glamour about being on the back end. People often see the beautiful images or video and imagine us swooning around in pretty clothes and high heels, dishing out instructions. The reality is quite different.

But one of my last major events… where most of the setup was outsourced, was magical. Large pastel shades of pink, watermelon and orange flowers as tall as I am, and towering over. Beautifully themed food menu, that matched aroma rich ingredients. And, Le Labo. One of my absolute favorite brands.

Le Labo was founded in 2016, but bought by the Estee Lauder Group on 2014. That provide the signature scent to all Fairmont properties globally, and have a very unique combination of perfumes, body products and room sprays to delight the senses.

I was tasked with managing an influencer evening at Fairmont The Palm to promote their signature Dubai scent. The kitchen team matched every dish to scents, and an exclusive guest list crafted their dishes in the presence of an ambient and aromatic night.

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