Ma’s Custard Biscuits


My grandmother is probably one of the most amazing women I know.

Her talents, style and tenacity is a stellar example of the woman I hope to be, and her skills in the kitchen are no different. I’m not sure that I have inherited much of that…. so when she sends me one of her no-fail recipes, I jump at the opportunity to ‘do it like ma.’


180 g Butter

125 g Icing Sugar

125g Custard Powder

375 g Flour (This is South African density… I used about 150g of a local UAE brand. The density is different.)

Pinch of salt



Cream butter and icing sugar

Add in custard flour and salt

Slowly add in flour (This where you need to gauge the dough. It should be soft… not crumble or crack, or be sticky.)

I used a tablespoon and made rounded balls, then flattened slightly with a fork. They do expand a little.

Put your oven on to 180 C when you start.

Put the tray in at 180 C for 10 mins

Turn the heat down to 110 C for 5 mins

Turn the oven off for 5 min (or until at the crisp-ness you prefer)

Dust with 100’s and 1000’s

It’s an easy one. I made the mistake of using the South African flour quantity in Dubai so my first batter ended up crumbled. My second attempt was the opposite – I was guessing so I didn’t put enough in. My third and successful attempt I worked with 155g flour (UAE density) and it was fine. I left it in the oven when switched off a bit longer to get a bit more on the brown side.

It also doesn’t make a very large quantity so you could double if need be.

Enjoy and tag me in your fab baking





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