Super SUPFit!

Supfit is a unique aqua workout tailor made for indoor and outdoor pools. It’s suitable for a variety of workout styles, from pilates and yoga, to Hiit and pre/post natal.

The diverse workout was introduced to Dubai by dancer and workout professional, Sophia Malpass, who teaches each class in a fun motivating style. In keeping with the world of social media she also lends a helping hand, and takes pics and videos at the end of each class – letting your friends in on all the fun!

I did it for the first time on Saturday and loved it! I found the balance requirement worked my abs throughout the session, while doing a full body workout – from burpees and squats, to abs and arm curls.

I walked away feeling great, had a splash in the pool (which was welcomed, you work up quite the sweat!) and felt muscle groups working that may have been taking a long break.

You can find out more about locations HERE and follow the fun on Instagram HERE

Even if you’re passing through Dubai, book it in – it’s as much of an attraction as it is a gym workout and you’ll leave loving it!

xxx Zah