The Chicest Mouse in Paris


This year, my company, Think Liquorice, launched the first children’s book by Megan Hess  – Claris, The Chicest Mouse in Paris.

It’s a magical book, filled with the most beautiful illustrations and words that rhyme so wonderfully is almost sounds like a gentle tune.

I often get asked about my events, and how they’re put together. I often share this on my Instagram feed over the duration of these events, and on my stories to give you a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes.
I have a very small team – in fact over the period of these events it was a team of one plus a wonderful South African lady who works a few hours a week with me.

The Event

For this event, unlike other Megan Hess launches we’ve done in the past, the format was a sit down high tea – with allocated seating and a small group of influential mums from around Dubai. The location was Seagrill at Fairmont The Palm where we host these events every year. The event space was filled with natural light, with a high ceiling and large panels of glass.
The food was delicious, with exceptional detail to the menu and the design of each dish.The team at the Fairmont are one of the best I’ve ever worked with, and their creativity when aligning to the themes of my events always exceed my expectations.


I source my decor elements from various places from Dragonmart to specialized stores that I come across during travel and weekly runnings. I go for a day or two doing site rekkies and try to build unique pieces to add detail. I am all about the detail I want guests to start their brand experience from the second they enter an event to the moment they leave. For this event, my fabulous graphics team in South Africa had Claris done in two life size standees… and had her flown to me in Dubai, then back to Cape Town for our South African leg.

New Experiences

It was first time this year that I got to take one of my most exciting annual projects home to South Africa. In my next few posts I’ll share a photo journal of my trip.

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