‘Why Malaak is a great investment for the family’ – From Dad

The weeks and months following the birth of your child is beautiful, wonderful, exciting………..and stressful. Costs just multiplied, sleep just disappeared, work doesn’t stop and the time you and your wife spent together to unwind is gone! There is a critical balance between enjoying every minute with your new baby and having a precious minute to yourself. I was initially resistant to the idea of getting extra help in – do we really need someone spending so much time with our baby, shouldn’t we be enough to look after him, its going to be too expensive.

Over the last 6 months, watching all the interactions between our Malaak nurse and my son has given a different perspective. Its been a positive influence on all our relationships and our son’s development.

Malaak provide a network of professionally trained caregivers to look after the most important member of your family. More than just a babysitter or a nanny, they can be fundamental in the earliest steps in your child’s leaning and education. Watching my son enjoy reading books, learning about colours and developing his motor skills from a very young age is incredibly satisfying.

Whether you need help from a night nurse so everyone can get some quality sleep or during the day when everyone is at work, there is a peace of mind that your baby is being cared for to the highest standards. Our Malak nurse becomes part of our household, a trusted member of the family and one of our child’s first ever friends. The support they provide my wife and son is beyond the dollar value on any invoice at the end of the month, it’s a wonderful investment in our families wellbeing.

– Andrew Marty

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